Retired Assets Program


Are you seeking ways to Maximize the value of your Retired Assets?

Hospital Warehouse offers a unique approach with flexible solutions and services designed to maximize equipment recovery revenue, contain costs and extend products useful life.


Keys to our Aging and Retired Assets value enhancement programs:

Important Considerations:

  • Do you know the value of the assets you’re taking out of service?
  • Many used equipment brokers will attempt to purchase your assets for the lowest price possible.
  • Shouldn’t you be working with a partner who is helping you Maximize the Value your assets?
  • Hospital Warehouse employs a revenue sharing model that aligns with your goals of generating maximum revenues.
  • Hospital Warehouse can also assist you with Equipment Reallocation across the continuum of care. This can extend the useful life of equipment and provide savings through cost avoidance.
  • Hospital Warehouse solutions include the flexibility of exchanging equipment or purchase credits to meet specific customer needs.
  • Hospital Warehouse marketing efforts can include thoroughly cleaning equipment, fully accessorizing, testing, certification of equipment operation and warranting equipment.
  • Our parts, repair, storage and distribution capabilities can provide assistance with staging product “end of life” upgrade requirements.
  • Our experience and prior sales data allows us to provide benchmarked Fair Market Value assistance.
  • Hospital Warehouse provides Trade-in Value Assessments for assistance with cost containment on new equipment purchases
  • Hospital Warehouse can dispose of equipment with no value and provide appropriate documentation for local regulations or Green Initiatives.
  • Hospital Warehouse can de-install large equipment such as rad rooms.
  • Hospital Warehouse can assist with and coordinate charitable equipment donations.


Hospital Warehouse provides a comprehensive solution and strategic approach to managing your retired and aging assets. Our goal is to be a partner with integrity, make the process convenient for you and provide maximum value.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our Retired and Aging Asset Management Program.