Sell or Market Your Equipment

medical-centerDo you have Equipment to sell?

  • Hospital Warehouse can assist you with generating maximum revenue for your excess, aging, or retired equipment.
  • Selling your retired assets to a used equipment broker will typically result in your receiving the lowest value/revenue for them!


Our experienced assistance with the Marketing of Your pre-owned equipment can lead to Increased Revenue Generated for your Retired Assets?

  • Hospital Warehouse offers a unique approach with services designed to maximize the value you receive for your equipment.


Marketing and Technical Services that go beyond just an on-line listing or auction.

  • Rather than purchasing the assets from you at the lowest price possible, Hospital Warehouse prepares and markets the equipment in order to obtain the highest price possible.
  • Our revenue sharing model aligns us as partners with a common goal of receiving the highest price possible.
  • Hospital Warehouse will test equipment to insure it is in good working condition. Equipment certified to be in working condition will generate a higher selling price.
  • Hospital Warehouse will thoroughly clean your equipment and take photos for marketing purposes. Equipment that appears as close to new as possible will generate higher prices.
  • Hospital Warehouse, when possible will make sure your equipment is complete and fully accessorized. This will also generate a higher price.
  • Hospital Warehouse will market your products through several on-line sources. Additionally, we will take proactive marketing steps using our extensive list of prior customers, and Constant Contact to target key buyers of specific equipment.
  • Hospital Warehouse will pick-up equipment within reasonable distances from our offices, and you can also ship us products to us for final capital recovery.


Hospital Warehouse provides a comprehensive solution and strategic approach to managing your retired and aging assets. Our goal is to be a partner with integrity, make the process convenient for you and provide maximum value.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our Marketing Program.