Purchase Equipment

Purchasing pre-owned equipment is a viable option and a real savings solution!

In today’s economically challenging Healthcare environment you should consider the following questions and answers.
  • Have you considered the savings associated with the purchase of pre-owned equipment compared to new equipment?
  • Are you aware that pre-owned equipment can often provide savings up to 50% when compared to new equipment?
  • Do you realize that you’re actually utilizing pre-owned equipment right now?
  • Most of your equipment has been in-use for years. The difference is that yesterday you were the owner of that equipment rather than someone else!
  • If you’re simply expanding, supplementing existing equipment, or just need to replace several items, pre-owned is a very viable solution.
  • You can maintain your standard of care with the same or similar equipment and realize significant savings!
  • You will not be integrating new equipment with old and creating current user issues, as well as, future financial issues.
  • MESV has an inventory of existing equipment that is thoroughly cleaned, tested and re-certified. For your peace of mind, we sell it with a warranty.
  • If you do not see what you’re looking for in our on-line inventory, please contact us and we can likely locate the item for you.