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Hospital Warehouse

Reliable Pre-Owned Equipment Solutions

Aging and Retired Asset Management Programs


  • Hospital Warehouse was founded in 2003 by John Taylor, initially doing business as Medical Equipment Services of Virginia. Since then, we have become a trusted local, regional and national resource for pre-owned medical equipment, parts and repairs.
  • Hospital Warehouse corporate offices and warehouses are located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Our staff includes qualified and experienced technicians who perform the equipment testing, repair and certification.
  • Hospital Warehouse is committed to quality. Our reliability and business ethics assure customers that our equipment and services will meet and exceed their expectations.
  • Hospital Warehouse strives to provide solutions with real economic value that assist healthcare providers with cost containment. Our pre-owned equipment, parts and repair options for medical equipment typically offer savings of 25% to 50% compared to new.
  • Hospital Warehouse partners with facilities to assist with aging and retired asset management programs. Equipment that has been taken out of service may need to be de-installed, reallocated, recycled, donated or sold. We have a proven program for supporting these requirements and assuring our customers of achieving maximum value.
  • Hospital Warehouse solutions focus on the following medical segments: Biomedical Departments, Hospital Systems, Outpatient Surgery Centers, Office Based Procedural Centers, Medical Offices and Nursing Homes.