Sell or Market Your Equipment

medical-centerDo you have Equipment to sell?

  • Hospital Warehouse is interested in purchasing your excess, aging, or retired equipment.
  • If you would like a quote, please complete the “Sell Your Equipment” form and submit it to us. We will respond with a price or additional questions.


Would you prefer assistance with Marketing to Increase the Revenue Generated from the Sale of your Retired Assets?


Marketing and Technical Services that go beyond just an on-line listing:

  • By taking advantage of our repair capabilities, Hospital Warehouse can provide unique services designed to maximize the value received for your equipment.
  • Hospital Warehouse will test equipment to insure it is in good working condition. Equipment certified to be in working condition will generate a higher selling price.
  • Hospital Warehouse will thoroughly clean your equipment and take photos for marketing purposes. Equipment that appears as close to new as possible will generate higher prices.
  • Hospital Warehouse, when possible will make sure your equipment is complete and fully accessorized. This will also generate a higher price.
  • Hospital Warehouse will market your products through several on-line sources. Additionally, we will take proactive marketing steps using Constant Contact mailings and messaging to our extensive list of previous customers.


Are you looking for an Aging Equipment and Retired Asset Management Program?


Hospital Warehouse offers a unique approach providing services and solutions going well beyond equipment pick-up and liquidation.

  • Do you know the value of the assets you’re taking out of service?
  • Are you working with a partner helping you maximize the value your assets?
  • Hospital Warehouse employs a revenue sharing model that aligns with your goals of generating maximum revenues.
  • Hospital Warehouse can also assist with equipment reallocation across the continuum of care, extend the useful life of equipment and provide savings through cost avoidance.
  • Hospital Warehouse solutions can include the flexibility of repair and purchase credits, as well as, equipment exchange to meet specific needs.
  • Hospital Warehouse can assist with and coordinate charitable equipment donations.


Hospital Warehouse provides a comprehensive solution and strategic approach to managing your retired and aging assets. Our goal is to be a partner with integrity, make the process convenient for you and provide maximum value.


Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our Marketing Program or Retired and Aging Asset Management Program.